An open invitation:

Open schooling, home schooling, un-schooling, de-schooling…

Are you interested in giving your special child a unique education? Do you want something more than the limited choices of private schools, public schools and “home schooling?”

Join us in creating the future of children’s education!

The children and families of today have evolved beyond the current offerings of educational institutions. 

Analytica is an advanced school for adults which is in the early phases of offering alternative education for children ages 0-18. Our members have many years of experience as students, teachers, and professors in alternative and orthodox schooling, home schooling, and clinical practice as well as being parents. The program is open to children of any age and any form of schooling. One can attend full- or part-time in any combination of hours, whether one is otherwise schooled privately, publicly, or at home. 

Our advisory board is comprised of doctors, therapists, teachers, doulas and experts in each area of essential education. We hire experts in their fields who are teachers, professors, students, or entrepreneurs to teach and care for our children as a collective. By working as a collective we create more expertise than any one school and offer much more than a single family can through home schooling. We also are able to pay our teachers more than traditional private or public schooling while making our own costs less. Teaching takes place within the students’ own homes as well as in community and civic settings such as museums, libraries, parks, community centers, and local businesses. 

Each child, parent, and family has the option to design which programs they want and when they want to participate. We provide the necessary mentorship and guidance to parents for any bureaucratic and legal issues related to schooling, as well as transfers from and to other forms of traditional schooling. And we encourage parents, if they want, to become involved with co-creating the curriculum for their children and others. 

The core method of Analytica is “desire-based learning.” It is based on psychodynamic and psychoanalytic principles of autonomy and self governance developed over decades at our clinic and school for adults in “desire-based healing.” While we incorporate such alternative methods as Montessori, Waldorf, Summerhill, Quaker, Buddhist, and the free schools and open schools of the 60s and 70s we have designed our curriculum and method based on a deeper understanding of the singularity of each child’s subjectivity, character, and temperament. 

While the scope and trajectory of Analytica Open School is far and wide, the principle and practice is simple and immediate: direct relating and autonomous creative learning based on the four principles of speaking, listening, writing, and reading - upon which singularity, difference, complexity, and integration can be forged. 

If you are interested in joining with us in the future of education we invite you contact us today for further information or to set up an initial conference at