Salon of Independents


The Salon of Independents takes its initiative from a future anterior. By means of returning to the unfinished future of art begun in the 1800s with the declaration and formation of the Salon des Refuses and Salon des Independents with brought forth sovereign subjectivity, autopoesis, and inner experience through modern. In this sense the project of the sovereign artist is at one with the project of psychoanalysis: to bring the intension of psychic reality - or the spiritual - into the outer world of symbolic social reality by means of extension. In modernity this took the form of abstract and conceptual art en route to a form of magick or science fiction at one with the American logical-philosophical project of pragmatism and the European political-ecological project of schizoanalysis. 

The Salon acts in the form of the society or club that the original modern artists formed but by means of the analytic practice of cartel and demonstration, it incorporates and rotates the four discourses or positions of artist, critic, gallerist, and collector into its process thus transcending the degenerated form of the current postmodern condition of the art “world,” and resolving the current “symptom of art” by means of the “art of the symptom.” This co-op of studio and atelier allows for the creator to integrate the means of production and distribution in relation to a community of others that integrate object-language and meta-language in situ.