Analytica is an online institute devoted to the production of analysis both in intension and in extension as a means and method of personal and social transformation.

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03/30/2020 8:30 pm

An online event with Dr Scott Von “A virus is not alive. A virus exists between the gene and the…



Analytica exists for the production of analysis not analysts. Thus it takes its inspiration and action from the intentions and inventions of Freud and Lacan while incorporating the diverse work done in analysis by Jung, Reich, and others.



Participation in Analytica is open to all and determined by the desire and commitment to work at a unique analytic school of collective learning and teaching based on the discourse of the analyst. Analytica is the first fully-functioning virtual analytic institute. With all events being available live online and archived for future use. Analytica does not demand specific requirements to enter.



Analytica offers intensive analysis with its Clinical Members, including low-cost work. Follow this link to book a free introductory 15-minute digital meeting with the Director.

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